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Cancer Treatment

Which cancers does Springfield specialise in?

We offer treatment for a number of the most common cancers - breast cancer, skin cancer and prostate cancer. We also see patients with lung, colorectal, gynaecological, and blood cancers, as well as a few patients with less common cancers. 

Which treatments are available at Springfield?

There are many different types of cancer treatment, but all with the same aim of removing the cancerous cells to try to ensure the cancer doesn't return.  The treatment that you have will depend on the type of cancer you have and what stage it’s at. Some people with cancer will have only one treatment but most will have a combination of treatments with your consultant working as part of a multidisciplinary team to provide a fully integrated treatment plan for you. 

Ramsay Healthcare is constantly investing in our technology and facilities and recruit leading experts so that we can offer the best, latest and most innovative cancer treatments at Springfield Hospital.


Surgery is a common treatment option used to remove the tumour itself and some of the surrounding tissue. The removed tissue will be sent for laboratory analysis and your consultant will use the results to help decide whether further treatment, such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy, is needed.  Read Julia's story....


During chemotherapy, a powerful medicine is given either as a tablet or directly into a vein using an injection or infusion to eliminate cancerous cells.   


Radiotherapy uses high-energy x-rays to treat cancer.  It can be given both externally and internally which involves having radioactive material placed inside the body.  

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy works by lowering the levels of hormones in your body or by stopping their effects. For example, prostate cancer in particular needs testosterone to grow.  


Immunotherapy medicines help your immune system fight cancer by stimulating certain immune system cells like T-lymphocytes to identify aberrant or faulty cells and destroy them as they transform into tumours. Other immunotherapies boost your immune system to work better against cancer.  

Complementary and alternative therapies

Complementary therapies can be used alongside conventional treatments to manage the symptoms of cancer or side effects of your cancer treatment.  Examples include acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage therapy and yoga.  

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  • Individual physiotherapy sessions
  • Priority discharge
  • Freshly prepared menu
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  • Loans for full cost of treatment
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  • Administration fee of £95
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