Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Commitment

This statement is a summary of Oaklands Hospital’s Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Commitment


Oaklands Hospital is committed to promoting equality, diversity and human rights (EDHR). In line with Ramsay’s ‘People Caring for People’ mission statement, our aim is to provide a quality service where we aim to recognise and address barriers to ensure fair access to information, services, premises and any employment opportunities, and where people matter most.

We shape our service delivery, employment practices, policies and procedures to ensure the Hospital’s values of Care, Respect and Responsibility remain at the centre of our culture. We use feedback from  patient consultation, independent satisfaction surveys with patients, carers and staff, to improve fair access to our services from all sections of the local communities we work with.

People applying to our Hospital for employment are assured of non discriminatory practices throughout the process and that if successful they will be joining an organisation that empowers its employees to be involved and engaged in practice decisions and service improvements.


We will evidence our legal compliance with the Equality Act 2010 and the PSED (public sector equality duty) which is included within our contract with CCGs,for the following Greater Manchester localities: Salford, Oldham, Bolton by:


  • This Statement of Commitment
  • Agreed Equality Objectives 2014 to 2017 (2014-15 below)
  • An Action Plan to evidence annual progress in delivering our Equality Objectives
Ensuring our EDHR Policy is embedded into practice
Providing an annual submission of evidence to our lead NHS commissioner as required


Equality, Diversity and Human Rights - our policies

The aims and principles underpinning our policies are to:

  • ensure that the consideration of equality issues is part of the mainstream of all policy and day-to-day practice
  • integrate the need to treat all people with respect and to appreciate and celebrate the diversity of our patients, the public and our staff
  • identify and address any policies and practices which may be discriminatory
  • challenge discrimination against people who work at Ramsay or who use our services
  • ensure fair access to information, services and premises
  •  using effective reviews of services, patient experienceand the equality analysist process, use the findings to  improve services for all our patients, taking into account individual needs
  • raise staff awareness and understanding of equality diversity and human rights issues through robust training

The Hospital is governed by several policies as follows related to Equality, Diversity and Human Rights which apply to all staff, including locum, bank and agency staff, working for Ramsay.  This includes all Consultants/ practitioners either employed or granted Practising Privileges and it also applies to all patients and stakeholders using the services of Ramsay. Policy familiarisation is part of the induction process for all new starters.

  • LS 003              Equality and Human Rights
  • HPP160            Disclosure in the Public Interest (Whistle blower )
  • HPP 200           Recruitment
  • HPP 201           Equal Opportunities
  • HPP 208           Flexible Working Requests
  • HPP250            Dignity at Work
  • HPP 260           Disabled Workers
  • CN 018             Patients with Disability or Special Needs
  • CN 038             Privacy and Dignity
  • HOH 001          Pre-placement Screening
  • HOH 009          Expectant Mothers at Work
  • HPP 325           Maternity Rights

Oaklands Hospital is fully committed to promoting equality, diversity and human rights and achieving the elimination of unlawful (prohibited) discrimination as defined within the Equality Act 2010.


Equality Objectives

The publication of our Equality Objectives as follows reflects our commitment to adopting the Equality Delivery System (EDS) approach and creating an environment where conditions of service delivery and job requirements are intended to fit with the needs of the service and those who work in it regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, gender or sexual orientation.


Objective One:

Benchmark service user profiles against local demographic profiles using latest Census data to understand any underlying causes and subsequently create an action a plan of implementation to aim to reduce any variances in access / service take up.


Objective Two:

Benchmark staff profiles against local demographic profiles to understand any underlying causes and subsequently create an action a plan of implementation to aim to reduce any variances in workforce representation.


Objective Three:

Take feedback from learning disability patients and their carers to inform Oaklands about their patient experience eg easy read learning disability patient survey, and carer’s survey. Use findings to improve fair access to information, services and premises.


Objective Four:

Ensure all Oaklands Hospital staff have read and understood the 5 EDHR core All Staff Briefings within a 9 month timescale and onwards for any new staff.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact the Hospital’s HR Coordinator at Oaklands Hospital.



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